SonoScape HD-550Boosted brilliance at every turn

Introducing a boosted brilliance at every turn on your way to image clarity. HD-550 is now equipped with the 4-LED light source, and an upgraded scope tubing. Supporting 1080p resolution, the added brightness provides even more image details under all light modes, and truly smooths the path in both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Boosted Image Performance

The 4-LED light source enables multi-spectrum and multi-mode imaging. Its versatility not only allows a superior brightness under the White Light mode, but also an uncompromised illumination under chromoendoscopy modes SFI1 and VIST2, where the vascular color contrast and mucosal structure are greatly enhanced. You will get much more from this level of image performance.

White-light Mode (Default)

Highly illuminated image · True to color · Suitable for routine observation


Normal-focus mode with enhanced structure and color · Supporting in detection and demarcation of the lesions


Near-focus mode with increased mucosal contrast · Assisting in characterization of the lesions and diagnosis

(1) SFI: Spectral Focused Imaging, (2) VIST: Variable Intelligent Staining Technology

Boosted Life span

The 4-LED light source comes with an extended life span. Enjoy the reliable brightness for much longer before thinking about bulb replacement.

Boosted Maneuverability

Ergonomic experience

A new scope tubing paired with a light-weight handle, the upgraded 550 series scopes offer great comfort and ease during routine and complex operations, helping to shorten the procedure time, and to reduce both patients’ discomfort and yours.

Fulfilling visual field

After an easy intubation, observe to full extent owing to the scope’s short bending radius and large field of vision. Diagnose and treat with confidence, thanks to its water jet function and generous instrument channel.

Ingenious design

One-Touch connection, and real water-proof, the 550 series scopes can be plugged and unplugged, cleaned and disinfected straightforwardly at a minimal risk of water damage by mismanipulation, which indeed lightens your team’s workload.

HD-550 series video processor

Station separated
Video output SDI, DVI, VGA, CVBS, S-Video
Resolution 1080p
Chromo SFI (Spectral Focused Imaging) / VIST (Variable Intelligent Staining Technology)
Digital zoom 1,4x · 1,6x · 1,8x
Patient data > 10.000 records
IRIS Peak / Avg / Auto
Color adjustment Red, Blue, Chroma ±15 levels
Air feeding 4 levels (OFF / L / M / H)
Data Management 500GB Built-in, 5x USB
White Balance Auto-saved
Image enhancement Structure enhancement, Edge enhancement
Contrast / denoise L / M / H, auto-denoise
Dimension (mm) 480 x 370 x 125

VLS-55 series light source

Main Lamp four LED lamps of different colors
White light mode High color rendering index and high lumious flux
SFI1 / VIST2 High brightness and specific spectra in the 2 special light modes
Brightness Auto / Manual, 1 - 19 levels
Transillumination mode 6 - 8 seconds
Ø Service time 10.000 hours (continuous use)
Hot plugging Yes
Dimension (mm) 473 x 370 x 154

550er series scopes

EG-550 EG-550L EC-550 EC-550T EC-550L EC-55L/T
Field of view 140° 140° 140° 140° 140° 140°
Depth of view 3-100 mm 3-100 mm 3-100 mm 3-100 mm 3-100 mm 3-100 mm
Ø Insertion Dia. 9,3 mm 9,8 mm 12,5 mm 12,5 mm 12,9 mm 12,9 mm
Ø Distal end Dia. 9,3 mm 9,8 mm 12 mm 12 mm 12,9 mm 12,9 mm
Ø Instrument Dia. 2,8 mm 3,2 mm 3,8 mm 3,8 mm 4,2 mm 4,2 mm
Angulation U 210°, D 90°, L/R 100° U 210°, D 90°, L/R 100° U/D 180°, L/R 160° U/D 180°, L/R 160° U/D 180°, L/R 160° U/D 180°, L/R 160°
Working length 1050 mm 1050 mm 1350 mm 1700 mm 1350 mm 1700 mm
Water Jet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optical Fiber Trans Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
OneTouch Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

We endoscoped for years with devices from a well-known manufacturer and were skeptical whether the new endoscopes from SonoScape would meet our high requirements. After more than 3 years of experience, we can say that they do exactly that. And the price-performance ratio is also right.

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