Endoscope not working? It’s time to get things fixed quickly. 


Rapid endoscope repair

Thanks to our optimised processes and competent technicians, we ensure that your endoscope is repaired within a very short time.

No maintenance contract

In line with our company philosophy, we deliberately avoid maintenance contracts and only charge for the repairs that are actually needed.

High-quality rental devices

In order to prevent bottlenecks in your work during the repair period, we are happy to provide you with a high-quality rental endoscope.

High cost efficiency

With several thousands of orders per year, extensive experience and plenty of know-how, our technicians will repair your endoscope professionally and efficiently.

When repairing endoscopes, what matters most is speed and quality – so that ideally you won’t have to postpone any of your patients’ appointments. Thanks to our many years of experience in endoscope repair, several thousand customer orders every year and highly qualified, motivated technicians, EndoSave GmbH is optimally placed to fulfil these requirements. Whether your endoscope is an Olympus, Pentax or Fujinon, our results in the field of repairing flexible endoscopes will leave you in no doubt.

Our corporate philosophy is also based on a collaborative approach to endoscope repair. For example, we do not work with a maintenance contract. This means that we are always there for our customers when they need us i.e. when an endoscope becomes faulty and needs repairing. Before we repair the endoscope, you will receive a customised quotation that includes a damage analysis by our technicians. This will give you an overview of all costs and services before placing an order.

We are particularly proud of our professional customer service, which is part and parcel of any endoscope repair process. Our employees are here to answer any questions before, during and after repair. A close dialogue between our customer service staff and repair technicians is maintained at all times. This allows us to minimise downtime and ensure low repair costs as far as possible.


Step 1
Registration and Pickup
Arrange for your faulty endoscope to be collected by using our online form. We will immediately organise a parcel service to collect your endoscope for repair. Dispatch is of course express and includes shipping insurance.
Step 1
Step 2
Express delivery of rental endoscope
On request, you will be supplied with a high-quality rental device for the duration of the repair period. It is important to us that you can adhere to all your patient appointments, which is why we use an express delivery service to send your rental endoscope.
Step 2
Step 3
Analysis and cost estimate
Once your faulty endoscope has reached us, we carry out a detailed damage analysis. Based on this, you will then receive a quote within 24 hours for the endoscope repair – free and non-binding.
Step 3
Step 4
Endoscope repair
After receiving your written acceptance of the quote, our qualified technicians will begin repairing your endoscope. As a rule, all works are completed within five working days and include an internal second approval.
Step 4
Step 5
Insured return dispatch
In order to ensure that you get your endoscope back as quickly as possible, we arrange delivery straight after the repair is complete. The parcel service collects the item on the following day and delivers the insured consignment straight to you.
Step 5
Step 6
Collection of rental endoscope
We only arrange for the collection of the rental endoscope after you have received your repaired endoscope. This ensures that you can check the endoscope at your leisure before it is next used.
Step 6


Over 99% endoscopes repaired

Virtually all flexible endoscopes by Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon can be repaired by our technicians, regardless of your endoscope’s manufacturer and purpose. We are very proud of our extensive experience and provide our technicians with targeted training in endoscope repair.

Short processing times

We carry out a damage analysis within 24 hours of receiving your endoscope, after which we send you a cost estimate for its repair. As a rule, we repair the item within five working days after receiving your go-ahead. We make every effort to maintain these processing times on all orders.

ISO 13485:2016-certified

In order to document the high quality of our processes, we are regularly audited by Swiss TS Technical Services AG: we are tested and approved in accordance with ISO 13485:2016. In addition, we train our employees consistently with regard to different types of endoscopes. Show ISO-certificate. Show ISO-certificate.

Get your endoscope repaired

EndoSave GmbH is a specialist company in the field of endoscopy. If you would like to have your endoscope repaired, please make the most of our extensive experience. We deliberately avoid maintenance contracts, so that you only pay for the services that are actually necessary for repairing your endoscope. With a success rate of 99%, we can repair your endoscope within a very short time – thus ensuring the minimum downtime.

Repairing Olympus endoscopes

EndoSave is the right place for repairing Olympus endoscopes. As one of the best-known manufacturers, Olympus is all in a day’s work for our endoscope repair technicians – for any flexible Olympus endoscope, whether mechanical or electronic components are affected. Arrange to have your Olympus endoscope repaired now!

Endoscope repair service

We are your first port of call if you are looking for a professional endoscope repair service. Carrying out several thousand endoscope repairs each year and delivering outstanding service, it is no surprise that numerous medical practices and clinics in Germany are EndoSave GmbH customers. Use our repair service for medical endoscopes to ensure short downtimes and high-calibre performance.

Convinced? We will carry out a professional repair of your endoscope